The Solar Soares quality department always guarantees the maximum control of all the processes that comprise the design and production of photovoltaic structures in order to provide the best possible service to our customers, certified with CE marking and ISO 9001.

Technical Advisory

Soportes Solares offers the Technical Advisory service, that provides advice in case of breakage or damage of an existing installation, always offering the optimal solution for repairing it. This new service is oriented to solve all the problems that are emerging, especially in solar gardens, over the years, in those facilities not made by Solar Stands.

Fixed or solar tracking structures installed in Solar Orchards are suffering from different problems related to the design and materials used in them, which should be taken into account.

From Soportes Solares, we are aware of the importance of a quality structure for the durability and profitability of the plant, we offer a complete audit of the state of the structural elements installed.

In this Technical Inspection we offer:

  • Visual inspection of the plant and issuing a complete damage report, identifying, by means of photograph or insitu, all structural defects (bolts, oxidation points, breakage, damage by candle effect, etc.).
  • Issuance of a report stating the possible improvements to be made in order to have a quality installation (in fixed installations or in solar tracking on floors or roofs).


Ask for a free estimate of how we can solve all the problems that affect your installation in a solar garden or roofs.