Solar roof


This type of structure is the perfect solution for the installations of big peak power on the roof of any building, with the inclination or surface that requires the project. Soportes Solares provides the perfect structure for roof tile, sandwich type roofs and concrete roofs, with every inclination possibly and designed to resist every load type that is reflected on the regulation of the country of the project.



Solar Farm

This is the most appropriate solution for large scale projects, installed mostly over agricultural land. The objective is to provide the structure a great resistance over wind and snow loads, meanwhile we give the distribution that provides the minimum costs with the fastest and easiest assembling process. Soportes Solares designs the solar farm structures considering the regulation of the country where the installation will take place.




The photovoltaic structure for self-consumption projects is the most adequate solution for installations with a lower number of photovoltaic modules, designed for small roofs or installations for private individuals. The self-consumption kits from Soportes Solares, provide a versatile and functional solution for every type of roof, ground or inclination needed, with the best price and a fast service.



Special projects

Soportes Solares designs personalized structures for high complexity projects, when there are some special requirements. Our engineering department provides always the optimum solution taking consideration of every design requirement, the structural proprieties and keeping the costs at their minimum on every product.